Welcome to my modest little corner in the Internet. There are too many fun and interesting things to do, and never enough hours in the day, which means that I only get around to updating these pages every few years.

Professional information

I am a professor of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences, Northwest Switzerland. I also help out at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences and the Berufsfachschule Oberwallis.

I also consult for small businesses and charitable organizations. If you are interested in an outside assessment of your needs, or looking for someone to help manage an IT project, just send me an email!


Most of my software projects are public and open source. You can find most of them online at GitLab (don't overlook the groups).

Politics and Technology

Technology and politics are often intertwined. I find the following issues particularly important

  • Freedom of expression. The free exchange of information is essential to a free society. Freedom of expression is a basic human right. Yet every western country has laws that enforce censorship and restrict your right to express your opinions.
  • Privacy. There are continual attempts by governments to restrict encryption and to do mass surveillance of their own populations. The ECHR has ruled that governments cannot legally force backdoors into private encryption. That won't be the end, though - governments will keep trying, especially governments outside of Europe.

Miscellaneous things