Math and puzzle page

The math problems and logic puzzles on this page are meant for children who are looking for an interesting supplement to their math homework. Problems are very roughly sorted by difficulty - of course, what one person finds difficult, another may find easy. The simpler problems are suited to children in early primary school, while the harder problems may well be challenging to college students.

This is very much a work in progress...

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I am not terribly interested in contributions - I already have far more logic puzzles and math problems than I am ever likely to type in. However, if you have your own collection of mathematical puzzles, we could exchange links.


I have put very few solutions online - solutions make it too easy to be lazy. If you desperately want to know the solution to a problem, you can try opening the page where you replace "0000" with the problem number. Most likely, there will be no such page...

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this site are under a Creative Commons License. Some problems, particularly those for younger children, I have written myself. Numerous others come from my own math teachers of years past, particularly Gene Gardenhire, who taught for many years at Albuquerque Academy. Exercises from my teachers are marked "author unknown", since I am not sure which problems came from which teacher, but I am sure that all would be pleased to have their work made available to a new generation of math enthusiasts. It is always possible that some copyrighted material has snuck in - if you claim copyright on any material here, and want it properly credited (or removed), please let me know.